8/15 Psalm 147:11

11 but the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.

Children of God at times wonder if God is pleased with them. We see those who are so effective in service to God and wish we were like them. Does God love us just as much as He loves these ministers of God? Our verse today answers that question. The LORD takes pleasure in those of fear Him and hope in His steadfast love. The very fact that you are concerned about whether or not you are pleasing to God, which is a sign that you fear Him, is something He takes pleasure in. It shows you respect and honor Him and want to please Him. You recognize that He is a just God and will not stand for evil.

At the same time, you hope in His steadfast love. You can see He is just and you fear that justice while also seeing that He is love. You place your hope in that steadfast love. We really have no other hope than this wonderful nature of God. Recognition of these qualities gives the LORD pleasure.

It is these two attributes of God that man needs to understand if we are to be pleasing to Him. It isn't our actions, though recognition of these attributes will change our actions. If God was not just, what kind of a God would He be? If He did not exhibit steadfast love, what kind of a God would He be? He is pleased with you when you recognize these two essential qualities of His nature. He knows your heart.

Consider: As these are essential qualities of our good God, should they not also be essential qualities we learn to express by the help of God's Spirit?