8/14 Psalm 143:10

10 Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!

When David's soul was overwhelmed by constant attacks from his enemies, he always pled his case to the Lord. He did not expect God to answer because he was righteous (Psalm 143:2). He asked for God's intervention because he was God's servant (Psalm 143:12) who had placed his trust in God (Psalm 143:8). David asked for a quick answer, to hear some good news in the morning that would be an expression of the steadfast love of God toward him.

There are times in life when we enter into this seemingly hopeless situation like that David experienced. The enemy seems to get the upper hand time and time again. Everything seems to be unfair. Like David, our spirit begins to fail. All we can see is discouragement. Those are the times when we cry out to God for a fresh expression of His love toward us. We plead for Him to teach us the next step to take. If He is our God, then we should be doing His will. If we are obeying what He teaches us, then whatever comes, we know we are in His hands.

David asks the same thing again in different words. This is a common literary tool in Hebrew called "parallelism." To be taught by God to do His will is the same as being led by His good Spirit. His will is to be led by His Spirit. We have our own "good" ideas, but the only truly good direction is that of the Spirit. David was worn down by his enemies. He needed to be led on level ground for a time so that his spirit could be refreshed. We will find there are times when we need to ask for the same period of refreshing while we continue to walk in obedience.

Consider: The best preparation for future trials is to be taught to do God's will and be led by His Spirit today. What steps will you take to let Him teach and lead you today?