2/5 Genesis 39:21

21 But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love and gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.

Potiphar's wife felt humiliated by Joseph's lack of interest in her. Lust often turns to hate when it is spurned. She falsely accused him of trying to sleep with her; as a result Potiphar threw Joseph in prison. This young man resisted temptation and was faithful and blessed, but that didn't keep him from being affected by the sins of others. If you simply look at the circumstances, it seems so unfair, but God has a much greater plan in mind than Joseph could ever have imagined.

The prison keeper saw that Joseph had the blessing of God on all that he did. He gave charge of the entire prison to him. Joseph's circumstances were unfair, but God's steadfast love remained faithful. It was God's influence on the prison keeper that had Joseph promoted.

This fallen world is filled with situations that are unfair, but there is one thing we can count on. God will be with us through it all! That changes everything. His steadfast love will never be taken from us. God will move the hearts that need to be moved to fulfill His purposes in you.

Meditation: Is there any greater gift than God's presence with us and His steadfast love? Realize these gifts are yours in spite of your present circumstances.