7/7 Psalm 5:3

3 O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.

Because you are reading this morning devotion, you have probably learned the blessing of the morning hours with the Lord. In the biography of all great men of God, you will find they spent their waking hours in the Word of God and prayer. They cry out to the Lord and watch for His response.

There is a reason that the Word comes first. It focuses our mind on the things of God. It speaks to us the will of God. You will find that it often addresses concerns on your heart and at times even answers your prayer before you pray. Any time is a good time for the Word and prayer, but beginning your day with these shows the priority of your life. It is preparation for all that the LORD will lead you through that day.

Perhaps the most difficult part for most is the watching. To be still before the LORD is a battle because we often assume that it is our action that accomplishes things, but in reality it is God-directed action that is fruitful. It is there in the stillness, waiting for the still, small voice, that you will find real intimacy with Him. After listening to His Word, hear how He would apply it. Allow His Spirit to correct and guide you. If there is one thing we need in our world today, it is to be still before the LORD and let Him speak to our hearts.

Consider: Will you commit to doing this as a lifelong habit? It begins the night before by getting to bed at an hour that will give you enough sleep to rise early.