7/6 Psalm 3:3

3 But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.

As we go through the Book of Psalms, I would encourage you to read the entire mentioned psalm. Most of them are quite short and can be read in a few minutes. Then read the devotional thought about the verse I comment on in that psalm.

David cried out to God when he found the number of his enemies was increasing. He heard that people were saying that God would not save him. Then he made this declaration. His shield was like none other. It was the LORD who protected him. The LORD was David's glory. The LORD was the One that lifted his head when he was discouraged.

Once he remembered just who it was who was protecting him, he laid down and had a good night sleep. This psalm sounds like David's solution to insomnia. He had trouble getting his mind to stop thinking about all the people who wanted to see him killed and replaying in his mind the things they said about him. Since the godly will be persecuted, this is something all God's children need to learn. Don't dwell on the opposition and their words. Dwell on the greatness of our God.

This was probably written when David fled from the uprising led by his son. At that point in his life he could look back on numerous incidences that proved God's faithfulness to deliver him. He remembered the times that the LORD was his glory. When he had been discouraged in the past, it was the loving hand of the LORD that lifted his downcast head.

Now it is your turn. Are you dwelling on those that would discourage you and what they are saying? Turn your eyes to Jesus and remember what great things He has done in your past. Has He previously delivered you from a hopeless situation? Has He been your glory? Has He lifted your head when it hung in defeat? He'll do it again!

Suggestion: Before you sleep tonight, focus on the great things God has done for you. Then sleep like a baby!