July 23

1 Chronicles 17:20 20"There is no one like you, O LORD, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.

David is told that God is the One who will build a house for David, not David for God. God promised to have David's descendant reign forever. That descendant is Jesus, the son of David. I doubt David understood all the implications of what God spoke to him. We rarely do. Still, even in our limited and sometimes faulty understanding, we are in awe that the Creator of the universe would bother with us and even honor us so. Perhaps David thought of an earthly dynasty. That would have been wonderful enough. But I don't think he could have conceived that the Son of God would be born through his line to bring salvation to all mankind.

There is no one like God. He is the only God. He is the only One who could make such an amazing promise and fulfill it in ways beyond David's comprehension. He is more wonderful than we can perceive. Our understanding of Him is always limited, for He is infinite. Our appreciation will always fall short.

Whatever your situation or need, know that God is more than sufficient. He can work in ways you cannot understand. When Judah went into captivity, they must have wondered what happened to these promises. God was still keeping them.

Consider: In our darkest nights we can know God is still on the throne of heaven working all things together for our good and His eternal glory.