12/1 Matthew 13:33

33 He told them another parable. "The kingdom of heaven is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, till it was all leavened."

A little bit of God in your life is likely to take over your whole life. If you are really yielded to God in one area, you'll find the need for Him take over every area. Some people want Him in every area but their finances, but finances are directed by the heart. If God has part of your heart, you won't be at peace until He has it all. Then your finances will be His as well.

I've seen this parable play out in families. One person is converted and begins to increasingly walk in newness of life. Before long, the whole family belongs to Jesus. When it happens to a church or community it is called revival. It doesn't mean everyone is converted, but the influence of believers walking in the fruit of the Spirit affects every aspect of an area.

It happened during the first centuries in Rome. At first, converts were persecuted for not worshiping the city gods. Then when plague struck, only the believers would stay behind to care for the sick. Some of the sick would be converted. Then their family was converted. In the following centuries when the women would throw away their baby girls, the Christians would find them and take them home and raise them to be godly women. When Roman men wanted to marry them, the men had to first convert to Christianity and show signs of a genuine transformation before these godly women would become their wives. Eventually the entire nation was influenced by Christianity. Even the coliseum was shut down because a martyr jumped into the arena and pleaded for the bloodshed to stop.

Prayer: Lord, please help me allow the leaven of the kingdom of heaven to permeate my life so that it might leaven my home, community, and nation.