October 31

2 Timothy 2:2 2And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.

This is the principle of teaching others to teach others. As you have read through this devotional, you have had times in which the Spirit of God taught you something of great value from the Word. It became a part of your growth in Christ. You are a steward of truths you have been shown. God has entrusted you with that truth. The truth sets us free. In some way it made you a freer person.

One thing is required of stewards, faithfulness. We are to be faithful to continue to apply that truth to our lives, but also to share it with reliable people who are qualified to teach others. Freely you have received, freely give.

As you invest that truth into another person's life, he or she in turn is required to invest it in others. It is the principle we see in fruit. All fruit has seeds within it to reproduce more fruit. Have you taken the fruit but kept the seed? Then the spreading of that truth will stop with you. God uses the pyramid scheme in a holy way. The more you share and teach others to share, the greater the effect on the world, and your treasure in heaven multiplies.

In this age we have wonderful opportunities to live this passage via the media, printed material, and the internet. We can share with many times the number we could ever reach face to face. That also means we must be very careful as to what we share. Error can also be multiplied in the same manner. Trust the Word of God and the Spirit of God to guide you into all truth. Pray for direction as to what to share and how to share it, and may God bless you as you live this passage.

Consider: What has the Spirit taught me that I need to pass on to others?