10/28 2 Timothy 1:9

9 . . . who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began.

God saved us. It had nothing to do with our goodness. In fact, it was in spite of how bad we were. We may have tried to be good, but our works were all about looking good in the eyes of others. What an insult to the God who gave us everything we have so that we might glorify Him. Still, His mercy reached out to us and saved us.

He called us to a holy calling. He delights in transforming the vile sinner into a holy instrument of His love. He is doing this for His own purpose. It is being done in His patient love. And as we begin to live for that purpose for which He designed us, we find joy and fulfillment. We no longer have to focus on ourselves. He becomes the One we seek to exalt and glorify.

The amazing thing about this grace we have received is that it was ours in eternity. Because God inhabits eternity (Isaiah 57:15), our salvation and calling was ours before the world was made. He predestined us, and yet He gave us the freedom to choose or reject Him. His grace enabled us to choose Him. Only an infinite, eternal God of love could do such a wonder.

Praise: Thank you, Lord, for choosing to save me and call me to Your holy calling. Thank You for the abundance of grace I have received in Christ Jesus. May my life express my gratitude to You.