10/9 Daniel 1:20

20 And in every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters that were in all his kingdom.

Daniel and his three friends had determined to live in accord with their covenant with God. While the king's other men were enjoying rich foods, bloody steaks, and choice desserts, Daniel and his friends were eating kosher food. It was risky, but when the time of testing came, Daniel and his friends outshined all the others. Could it be that the wisdom from God's Word, along with His blessing on their obedience, gave them such ability?

When I was in kindergarten I was receiving a failing grade. I could not understand why I had to listen to the teacher when there were so many friends sitting all around me. My mother explained to me that whatever I did I should do for Jesus. I should do my best for Him. Then I had a reason to do my best. My grades from then on did bring God glory along with opportunities to speak about His love.

Christians should be the best in whatever field God has placed them. They should be the best clerks, janitors, generals, politicians, police, business owners or whatever occupation God provides, including ministers or missionaries. We need to show the world what it would look like if Jesus had that job. We should give it our all for Him, just like Daniel and his three friends. Daniel went on to an incredible career as a public servant for several kings. God blessed his life and made him an example for us all.

Consider: How can I do my job to the glory of God?