8/28 Galatians 5:9

9 A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

One form of leaven is yeast. It is a fungus used to make bread rise. One only needs to add a little to a batch of dough because it multiplies so rapidly. Until recent times, people kept a small batch of leavened dough from their current batch so they could add yeast to the next batch in the future.

The apostle Paul used leaven as an analogy to the false teaching that had infected the church of Galatia. Once one person accepted the idea that salvation was Jesus' sacrifice plus our works, even one act of obedience, then others felt as though they had missed something. "You'd better be sure you are bound for heaven, so you should (fill in the blank)." And soon the whole fellowship was trusting in works to save their soul.

False teaching that promotes a trust in our deeds or elevates us above others because we do a thing a certain way feeds our pride. That is why it spreads so quickly. We are all vulnerable, as vulnerability to pride is a weakness of man. Jesus paid it all! Nothing can be added. Now we follow the Spirit as He uniquely leads each of us. One person humbly witnesses to everyone they see, another sets about discipling one person, another is painting for God's glory, and another teaches in a secular school with the love of Jesus. Humble servants of God don't promote their personal leading as the only way to live or as a sign that you are truly saved.

Consider: Aren't you glad that Jesus paid it all? Aren't you glad He didn't make us all the same? Do what He leads you to do for His glory out of love for Him, and watch out for leaven!