7/28 Psalm 78:4, 8

4 We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.

8 and that they should not be like their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation whose heart was not steadfast, whose spirit was not faithful to God.

The psalm is recounting of the faithlessness of the people of Israel and the faithfulness of God. The psalmist tells the readers not to hide the ungodly deeds of their ancestors, and to remind them of the glorious deeds of God. The contrast makes the ways of the forefathers to appear as stubborn as they truly were. At the same time, that contrast shows God to be merciful and yet righteous.

At times God was patient and gracious. At other times He poured out his wrath on them to turn them from the ungrateful ways. It is important to tell our children the true spiritual history as well, so that they will not repeat the sins of their ancestors. Even the history of your nation will surely tell the same story, for it is the story of mankind (Recommended: The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall).

If we look at the history of the church we see the same thing. At times the leaders turn the people away from God by hiding the truth. At other times they are openly rebellious against God, as they seek power and worldly exaltation. God has been faithful to discipline the church like He disciplined Israel.

Your own particular church has its own history. If we only tell the flowery parts, what will our children learn? We have to share the whole story so that they will not follow the path of the stubborn and rebellious. We have to speak of God's disciplining hand and not make light of it or they will not fear the Lord.

Consider: If we do not record the events of God's discipline and blessing in our lives and that of our churches, the lessons will be forgotten and have to be repeated by future generations.