5/6 1 Samuel 18:12

12 Saul was afraid of David because the LORD was with him but had departed from Saul.

David killed the gigantic warrior named Goliath. The women sang the praises of David. Saul became increasingly jealous of him. God allowed an evil spirit to torment Saul. He even tried to spear David while David was playing the harp for him. What really bothered Saul was that the anointing to be king was gone from him and was seen on David.

There was absolutely no reason for Saul to fear David. Saul could never have found a more faithful and loyal soldier. Jealousy is unreasonable. It imagines things that are not happening and ascribes motives that don't exist. It feeds on scenarios in the mind that have little to do with reality. Saul was destroying himself with jealousy.

Meanwhile, Saul assigned David to be a commander of 1000 soldiers, probably hoping David would die in battle. But David's fame only grew. Others could see the anointing too and were drawn to David. The apostle Paul said that we can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth (2Corinthians 13:8). It is useless to fight against God. The best thing to do is to join Him in His work in the world. Saul should have abdicated and set David on the throne, but his pride would never allow him to do that.

Consider: Do you find yourself in this story? If you have lost the anointing, repent with all your heart. Humble yourself and give the lead to the one that is anointed. If you are in David's shoes, continue to serve faithfully without speaking against your leader. Trust God to change things in His time and way. If you are one of those drawn to a David, remember, Saul began as a humble anointed king. Be sure you are following the LORD in the man and not the man. Remember that all of us are nothing without the LORD.