5/4 1 Samuel 15:29

29 And also the Glory of Israel will not lie or have regret, for he is not a man, that he should have regret."

Saul disobeyed the LORD's command again. The first time was to offer a sacrifice before battle instead of waiting on Samuel to come and do it. His excuse was that the army was dwindling. This time he did not utterly destroy the property of the Amalekites but saved the best of the livestock. His excuse was that he was going to sacrifice it to the LORD and blamed the army for persuading him. Samuel announced to Saul that God had rejected him being king over Israel. Saul pleaded for forgiveness and the response from Samuel was our verse for today. God doesn't lie or have regret.

At the close of the chapter it is clearly stated that God regretted making Saul king. It is the same word that Samuel used in saying God is not like a man that has regrets. Obviously, the author knew of the apparent contradiction. What is being said?

Making Saul king was a choice that the people made. Though God selected Saul, it would not have mattered what man was chosen. God had already warned them how demanding a king would be on the nation. God regretted their decision to turn from a theocracy to a monarchy.

However, when God makes a decree, He is not lying nor does He regret what He has said. He doesn't wake up one day and realize He made a mistake or missed an important factor. God saw Saul's heart and how it was turning toward pride. God knew Saul would not turn back with a humble and truly repentant heart. His decree to remove Saul from being king would not be a decision He would regret. God regrets our bad decisions but never His good decisions.

Consider: God is not moved by feigned acts of contrition. He knows the direction we have chosen. Blessing only comes upon the truly repentant heart that is changing the direction of one's life.