1/24 Mark 3:35

35 "For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother."

Jesus' physical family stood on the outskirts of the crowd that was sitting around Jesus as He taught, and someone thought Jesus should know. After all, shouldn't one's family be more important to someone than other people are? Jesus told the crowd that those listening were His family. Then He explained that His brother, sister, and mother are those who do the will of God. What was the will of God? God declared it on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:5). Listen to Jesus! His physical family was not listening. His spiritual family was listening.

There is a family of God. It does not reside in one denomination or in a particular church. It is international and multilingual. It consists of those who do the will of God by listening to Jesus. Their bond to one another is greater than that of flesh and blood. That bond comes from sharing the same heart for God, His Word, and His Son. We share the same love for truth. We share God's heart for the world. We have the same expectation of Jesus' return.

Wherever I have gone over the wide earth, I have found brothers, sisters, and mothers. I can see it in their smile. Sometimes when I can't communicate with words I will whistle a well-known hymn or praise chorus and watch their faces light up. If either of us has a need, we will gladly help our spiritual family member. Our hearts are one in Christ Jesus. Heaven is filled with family waiting for those who do the will of God to be home with them. Now and forever we have but one focus, Jesus!

Consider: Are you a part of the family of God?