January 12

Genesis 6:18 18But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark–you and your sons and your wife and your sons' wives with you.

The ark is a type of Christ. Judgment was about to end the misery man was inflicting upon himself, but God was going to make a way to spare some from that judgment. There is only one door on the ark, (vs16) just as there is only one Door through which we can escape God's judgment. (John 10) There is no other provision made for escaping the wrath of God that was to come upon the earth. The only direction n the ark to look out was up. The window was in the top. In Christ we look out on the world with an upward look. Once Noah, his family, and the animals had entered, "Then the LORD shut him in". Gen. 7:16b The Lord Himself seals us into the new life with His Spirit. He confirms His covenant (promise) with us. The promise Adam and Eve had heard, that there would be One that would crush the head of Satan, ran through the lineage of Noah. God has provided an ark for all who will place their faith in Jesus Christ.

Noah's entire family entered the ark, just as the Philippian jailer's family did. (Acts 16:34) Are you and your family safely sealed in the ark? Have you entered into the New Covenant in Jesus' blood so that He will be your ark that bears the brunt of the judgment of God? The storm will come, and the whole earth will be purged. Those in Him will step out into a new world, purged of violence and sin. The promise is for you and your children. Enter in today!

Prayer: Thank You Jesus for being an ark for me, for bearing the brunt of God's righteous judgment on sin.