1/10 Genesis 6:22

22 Noah did this; he did all that God commanded him.

It took Noah and his family a hundred years to build the ark and store enough food. It is hard for us to imagine dedicating so much time and energy to the command of God. It took great faith to believe that God's word would eventually come to pass. It is faith that pleases God (Hebrews 11:6).

Others have dedicated their lives to something they cannot see. Missionaries, pastors, and people in every walk of life take up their crosses and do something the world thinks is crazy. They love God with their all, and love their fellow man like they love their own lives. They have faith. They believe God's word, like Noah did; and they live their whole life obeying God's command (John 15:10).

Noah did what God commanded and God did the rest. The animals came on board; the Lord kept the boat safe through the rising waters, and settled it on a mountain as the water receded. In a similar way, as the storms come upon our life, our nation, and our world, those who follow the commands of God by faith will be kept through it all. Jesus is our ark. All we need to do is believe and obey by faith. He will do the rest.

Meditation: God's command to Noah was for the saving of his life and that of his family. What God commands me is for my good as well. Obeying by faith will keep me through the storms that come as I ride them out in the ark, Christ Jesus.