1/8 Genesis 5:24

24 Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

As the descendants of Adam multiplied, the sin nature in man became more and more pronounced. Cain killed his brother Abel. Lamech wrote a short song about his own brutality. The generations of man were on their way to such evil that only a worldwide flood could stop them.

In the midst of this corruption came Enoch. We know very little about him. His testimony is summed up in this short verse. Instead of buying into the evil pleasures of the world, he chose to walk with God. It certainly would have made him an outcast and object of derision. Still, he set his eyes on the One who could offer him more than all this world has to offer. "To walk with" in the original language implied living daily with someone. Enoch's constant companion and guide was God.

Adam was still living at the time. Perhaps Adam told Enoch about walking with God in the Garden of Eden. Enoch had the faith that God still desired to walk with man, and he must have trusted that God could in some way deal with his sin. He was rewarded for this life of faith by not seeing death. He was taken directly to heaven (Hebrews 11:5).

Consider: Am I looking to the things of this world to satisfy me, or is my hope in God? Will I walk in the ways of this world, or will I by faith make God my constant companion?