3/1 Luke 6:46

46 "Why do you call me 'Lord, Lord,' and not do what I tell you?"

After asking the question in our verse for today, Jesus went on to explain that those who hear but never apply His words will meet with ruin. Those who do practice what they hear will stand in the face of difficulties. To say, "No, Lord," is an oxymoron. If Jesus is your Lord, then you will obey Him.

Kings enforce their edicts with punishments for those who disobey. Jesus does not have to use punishment. Disobedience to Jesus brings its own punishment by way of consequence. What Jesus tells us is always for our eternal good. There will come a day when God will render judgment, but we face consequences on a daily basis. Our refusal to forgive eats at our peace. Our lack of humility and our failure to respect others brings contention. Our willful ignorance of moral boundaries brings guilt, emotional turmoil, and sometimes even physical disease. What God tells us is for our good both now and eternally.

It is easy to mouth the right words and declare to others that we are followers of Jesus, but are we taking seriously all that He said? Do we take His words to heart as we would the words of someone we adored? Or are we taking advantage of His grace to our own detriment? How often do we ask ourselves what His teaching says about a situation before we respond? Storms of life are inevitable. We need to apply the words of Jesus to our daily life if we are to survive those storms.

Consider: Is there an area of your life where you will not do what Jesus tells you? It may be a weakness that you have not surrendered to Him. He knows your struggle and will help you if you are willing. You may need the accountability and help of another follower of Jesus to break free and let Jesus be your Lord. Do it!