2/20 Exodus 14:31

31 Israel saw the great power that the LORD used against the Egyptians, so the people feared the LORD, and they believed in the LORD and in his servant Moses.

After the ten plagues on Egypt, their departure from Egypt loaded with treasure, and the pillar that led them to the sea, you would think the people would have total trust in the LORD and in His servant Moses. When they saw the army of Pharaoh coming for them they asked Moses if he had led them there because there wasn't enough room for all their graves in Egypt. It wasn't until they passed through the sea on dry ground and saw the army of Pharaoh drown that they really believed.

A psalmist wrote that it was then when the Hebrews finally believed, but he went on to say that they soon forgot God's works and didn't wait for His counsel (Psalm 106:13). Belief can be a temporary thing dependent on circumstances. Real faith does not require miracles. Jesus rebuked the people of His day when He told them that unless they saw signs and wonders they would not believe (John 4:48). He warned that in the Last Days there would be false prophets that showed signs and wonders (Mark 13:22). He also rebuked those who asked for a sign saying that it is a wicked and perverse people that seek a sign (Mark 16:4). So why are so many today in the church seeking signs and wonders?

Faith is an issue of the heart, not of the head. We can believe in our mind one minute and doubt the next. But when the heart is won over by the love of God, our hearts are captured and we believe from the heart even when we don't understand our circumstances. We trust even as we are persecuted. This is the faith of the martyrs.

Prayer: LORD, please capture my heart with Your love. Help me to see the greatness of it, that my heart might fully trust in You alone.