11/22 Matthew 10:22

22 and you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

The anti-Christian rhetoric in the world is definitely on the rise. Sometimes it is in response to the false representation of Christianity. Some people profit from gullible souls that are promised blessings if they will give. There are those who war in the name of Christ. Simply put, there are those who claim to be Christians who have none of His attributes. They misrepresent His name.

What has real Christianity wrought in the earth? The real fruit is transformed cultures that once brutalized one another, but who now live in peace and harmony. There are millions of addicts that are clean, sober, and happy. There are families that have been restored. In the bigger picture, the value of women has been raised, slavery abolished, and hope for eternity offered to mankind. So, other than the response to those who misrepresent us, why do people hate Christians?

The life of a true follower of Jesus declares that we are eternally indebted to the Savior whom we love. Those who reject the message of salvation resent the fact that we warn them of their eternal destiny. They wonder how we would be so brazen as to suggest they would be worthy of hell just because they insist on remaining the lords of their lives. Even the name of Jesus becomes a curse word to them. It's no wonder then that Jesus said the world will hate us for His name's sake. His name brings division because His message is bold and clear.

Consider: Those who endure in the faith to the end are individuals who each have truly made Jesus the Lord over his or her whole life.