10/29 Habakkuk 2:20

20 But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him."

In the midst of rebuking the people for their sin of idolatry, Habakkuk reminded them that the LORD is in his holy temple. In the temple in Jerusalem over the Ark of the Covenant was the manifest presence of the LORD. It was not an image of metal, stone, or wood. It was a ball of light that was referred to as the Shekinah. Though God's presence is everywhere at all times, this manifestation of His presence reminded the people of Israel that they were God's people, chosen to serve a holy God.

Habakkuk's words should have reminded the people of the vanity of idols and the power of God to watch over the soon coming captivity and return. Those words should remind us today that God is on the throne of heaven. All things are in His hands. The meaningless things we turn to, programs, formulas, and methods are nothing if they are not His instructions for the situation we face.

We should sit in silence before God and hear what He has to say. We have nothing to tell Him that He does not already know. Though He invites us to share our heart and request our needs be met, He is the only One that really has something to say. We can do this in two different but equally important ways. We can sit before our open Bible and let the words of Scripture speak to our hearts. We can also sit silently in prayer listening for His still small voice as He applies the Word to our hearts. Both are needed. It takes discipline, especially in our fast paced world. Our time could not be spent in a more important way. Keep silence before Him.

Consider: Think about how to order your day so that you take time for this most important discipline. Will you commit to do this daily?