10/27 Nahum 3:7

7 And all who look at you will shrink from you and say, Wasted is Nineveh; who will grieve for her? Where shall I seek comforters for you?

Nahum prophesied of the destruction of Nineveh. Just one hundred years earlier, Jonah had led this enormous city to repentance. Since that time it had risen in power and conquered the northern ten tribes of Israel and came very close to conquering the south as well.

Now Nahum is telling of certain destruction to the grandchildren of those to whom Jonah preached. They had returned to their ruthless ways and inhumane treatment of their enemies. However, this time they do not repent. Nahum told them all their weaponry and their great warriors would not be able to save them. He asked if they thought they were somehow different from the great cities that had fallen in the past.

How urgent it is that we pass on our faith to our children and grandchildren. A relationship with God tends toward prosperity, but it is in prosperity that we begin to think we don't need God. The greatness of a nation only makes it a target for others. Only divine favor can keep a nation protected, and divine favor comes from the blessing we receive when we are in relationship with God and obeying Him. As the psalmist wrote, "Unless the LORD keeps the city, the watchman stays awake in vain" (Psalm 127:1)

Consider: Are you doing everything possible to pass on your faith to your children and grandchildren?