8/28 Proverbs 31:30

30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Charm can be a learned skill to make a person seem more friendly and gracious than they really are. Only by spending time with a person in his or her daily life can you see the real person. Beauty is meaningless. The most beautiful person can be a beast in his or her heart. Beauty is often accompanied with a demanding spirit of pride. If outward beauty is not accompanied with inward beauty, it is a trap for those who idolize looks.

Wealthy men are often seen accompanied with a "trophy wife." The beautiful women on their arms are meant to be a symbol of their success. In reality, it is a symbol of the vanity of seeking satisfaction in this world. It isn't long before we read of their divorce and the large settlement the woman receives. The reason the pattern is repeated time and time again is that man is fallen and seeks satisfaction from a fallen world. Instead of enjoying the simple pleasures that are a gift from God, man often wants to fill the emptiness in the heart with created things instead of the Creator.

True beauty in a woman is the fear of the LORD. She weighs her actions so as to be pleasing to Him. She speaks, not to deceive, but to be His servant and bring light to situations. Her beauty is inward and eternal. Her love is unselfish and genuine. This is a woman that should be the role model, but the world will always prefer the deceitful and vain.

Consider: Young man, now you know what to look for in a woman. Young woman, now you know what is truly of value. Older person, make this clear to your children and it will be a blessing to you.