8/12 Psalm 135:3

3 Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; sing to his name, for it is pleasant!

Judaism was the one faith that emphasized music as a part of worship. Christianity (fulfilled Judaism) took it to an even higher emphasis. Music is an amazing gift from God. It is mathematical, but it is also emotional. It reaches down into our inner being. I have sung hymns with Alzheimer patients. They may hold the hymnal upside down and not remember their own children's name but they remember every word of a hymn they grew up singing.

We emphasize music because it is one form of praise. We praise the LORD because He is good. His character is the very standard of what goodness is. He is merciful and yet just. He is loving while remaining holy. He is caring but also disciplines. His name represents all these wonderful attributes and so we sing praise to His name.

The verse ends by telling us another reason we sing. We sing because it is pleasant. We derive pleasure from singing God's praise. It is one way to express our heart in unity with others who feel the same. That expression could also be translated, "for He is beautiful." I find that when a phrase can be translated two ways, both are applicable. God the Father is beautiful in loving us to such a degree that He would give His beloved Son as a sacrifice that we might be sanctified and live eternally in His presence. God the Son is beautiful in His willingness to take our punishment in our place and call us brothers (Romans 8:29). Doesn't that make your heart want to sing? Enjoy the gift of music as you wholeheartedly sing

His praise.

Consider: If you have not experienced the joy of singing, it may be because of embarrassment. Find a secluded place and sing with your whole heart. Do it again and again. You will soon want to sing with the family of God as they lift up a song of praise. If you are tone deaf, consider the fact that God hears your heart in perfect pitch.