8/10 Psalm 119:165

165 Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble.

The world can't provide real peace. There can be absence of war, but just the continual threat of it removes the peace of the heart. We can settle differences with neighbors, but before long another issue comes up. I've seen people move to another town because of conflict with their neighbors. Shortly after they moved, the neighbors moved too. Even isolation can't provide peace of the heart, for we were designed to live in community.

Great peace is only found by those who love the Word of God. It is there that our questions of life and purpose are answered. It is in God's Word that we have the promises that comfort our hearts when the world is in turmoil around us. Only in the Bible do we find the assurance of who God is and His intentions for our lives and for eternity.

Those with that great peace are not easily moved to an agitated state. Their countenance gleams with that peace even when circumstances aren't favorable. At times, they may fix their eyes on the trouble and be moved from that place of great peace, but they quickly recognize their departure and return to the Word of God and the peace it brings. Their peaceful state is a witness to others that are searching for answers.

Consider: Is your life a witness of the great peace of those who love God's Word? If not, pray and ask the LORD to give you a greater love for His Word. That is a prayer He will delight to answer.