8/3 Psalm 103:2

2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,

David begins this psalm on a personal note. He commands his soul and all that is within him to bless the Lord. The word that is translated "bless" also means "to adore, to give thanks, or to praise." He repeats the order in the next verse, our verse for today. Sometimes our spirit must order our soul (mind, will, and emotions) to do what is right. We don't always feel like doing what we should do.

The reason for this command begins with another order: "forget not all his benefits . . ." Don't dwell on what is not to your liking, but dwell on all that God has blessed you with. Don't be like Eve in the Garden lusting after the one forbidden thing when there is a world of blessing all around you.

The first on David's list of benefits should be the first on our lists too, the forgiveness of sins. Next he writes of the healing of our bodies. We just take it for granted that our wounds and sicknesses heal. In the rare case that we don't heal naturally within a week, we run to God and ask why. The natural healing of our bodies is an amazing gift from God. Next is saving us from an early death. That is followed by the gift of a crown of steadfast love and mercy. God is so loving and merciful that we often take it for granted. David follows that with the satisfying good things of life that renew our strength. That must mean food and sleep which are pleasurable experiences. Imagine if these were not pleasant things to do! We need to do as David did and order our soul to stop and adore and praise God for His abundant goodness towards us.

Consider: The psalm closes with a command for all angels and all people to bless the Lord! Take some time right now to remember His many benefits toward you and praise Him for His goodness and steadfast love.