8/1 Psalm 90:12

12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

This psalm is attributed to Moses. It laments of the brevity and trouble of the life of man. While a thousand years are as a day to God, the life of man is like a few hours in the night to God. Our sins are always before Him, and at His word our lives are over.

Moses attributes much of man's trouble to a lack of the fear of God. The solution to our lack of the fear of God is to learn how quickly man's life passes. If we knew how few days we have before we stand before our Creator to give an account of our lives, we would be in earnest to know how to wisely spend them. We would see which choices would be a waste of time and which ones would prepare us for eternity. Moses goes on to ask for God to establish the work of our hands. In other words, guide us to do things that are lasting. The things that are passing are not worth the few and precious days we have here.

Ask elderly people how quickly life passes and they will tell you that the days seem to speed up as we age. Ask them what they regret not having done and it is almost always something to do with eternal things. Only God can give us a heart of wisdom to spend our days as He has planned uniquely for each of us (Ephesians 2:10). We must seek His heart to have a heart of wisdom.

Prayer: Let the verse for today be the cry of your heart to God this morning.