1/27 Genesis 25:33

33 Jacob said, "Swear to me now." So he swore to him and sold his birthright to Jacob.

Esau had come in from hunting all day and was famished. He smelled Jacob's lintel stew and pleaded for a bowl. Jacob knew of Esau's value of the carnal over the spiritual and so offered him a bowl in exchange for his birthright. The birthright in later Israel meant a double portion of the inheritance and the leadership of the family.

Esau justified the exchange by saying his birthright wouldn't do any good if he died of starvation. One day without food will not kill you. Esau simply favored the carnal and immediate gratification. Esau made the exchange and forever regretted it.

The scene is repeated millions of times throughout the world. Our old nature will justify giving up precious things for momentary gratification. We give up things like virginity, holiness, character, and some even give up their very soul. Jacob was cunning, but the enemy of our soul is even more cunning. Guard yourself against justifying giving up what is priceless in a moment of physical need. He is watching for our moment of weakness. In that moment, look to the LORD for His strength and help to resist the temptation.

Prayer: LORD, in that hour of testing, remind me of this story and of the price that we regret forever. Help me to hold dear what is truly of value, the things that last forever.