6/25 Nehemiah 4:7

7 But when Sanballat and Tobiah and the Arabs and the Ammonites and the Ashdodites heard that the repairing of the walls of Jerusalem was going forward and that the breaches were beginning to be closed, they were very angry.

Nehemiah had received permission from the king to go to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. After arriving in the city and surveying the damage, he gathered the people and shared the vision and how God had helped him. They began to rebuild the walls. Most were building the section that was closest to their home. This assured they would do the best they could so that their own home would be safe.

When the surrounding people saw the wall half completed, they decided to attack and confuse the workers. Earlier they had claimed Nehemiah was committing treason. Now they are doing the very thing they accused him of, for the rebuilding was done with the king's permission. It is amazing how history is repeated. Thousands of years later, Arabs are still resisting Jews building in Jerusalem.

Just as when they began to rebuild the temple, we see that those opposed to the things of God will resist any progress of God's people. If the Jews had just settled for the status quo, they would have left them alone. If God's people do not move forward in doing God's will, you most likely won't face resistance. Those who would attempt to attack and confuse you do so at the prompting of the prince of this world. Being attacked is often a sign that you are accomplishing something of value. The apostle Paul wrote that everyone who lives a godly life will be persecuted (2Timothy 3:12).

Consider: If you are going to accomplish anything for God's kingdom, expect opposition, but know God will give you wisdom and see you through.