5/29 2 Kings 12:2

2 And Jehoash did what was right in the eyes of the LORD all his days, because Jehoiada the priest instructed him.

When king Ahaziah died, his mother attempted to kill all the royal family. That means she killed her own grandchildren. The lust for power can compel people to do atrocious things. One of Ahaziah's sons was hidden and raised without her knowledge. When he was seven-years-old, the priests declared him king and his grandmother, Athaliah, was executed.

Jehoash was faithful to the Lord during his reign, and the reason for that was found in his substitute father, Jehoiada the priest. He taught Jehoash in the ways of the LORD. It was under Jehoash reign that the temple was restored and the idols were removed and destroyed. We should never underestimate the influence of a mentor. That is what every godly parent should be to their children and even as much as possible to their grandchildren. The godly influence of the Jehoiada would span several generations and bless the nation for sixty-nine years.

In spite of his godly reign, Jehoash was assassinated by two of his servants. Because we live a godly life does not mean God will spare us from all tragedy. Just because we meet an unjust end does not mean we are being punished for sin. Jehoash son, Amaziah, would reign after him, and he too would live a godly life like that of his father, and yet be defeated in battle. Don't be quick to judge others because of calamity in their lives. It may or may not be the result of sin.

Contemplation: Consider the lives of young people that you have the opportunity of influencing. How will you convey faith and trust in the LORD and His word? Do they see you reading your Bible and being in prayer? Sometimes it is more caught than taught. Be intentional about sharing and applying the Bible stories to their lives and sharing how God has met you.