5/14 2 Samuel 12:23

23 But now he is dead. Why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me."

The prophet's words came to pass. The baby, born from the sin of David and Bathsheba, grew ill. David fasted and prayed prostrate on the ground. The elders of his house tried to raise him and get him to eat, but he would not budge. Finally the baby died. The elders were whispering to each other wondering what David would do if they told him. They feared David might even harm himself in grief.

David saw them whispering and knew the baby died. He arose, went to the house of God, worshiped, and then ate a meal. The elders didn't understand so they asked why his demeanor changed. David's answer is our verse today. Certainly there is no greater loss than the loss of one's child. However, David was a realist. He knew there was nothing more he could do. It was time to move on, even in the midst of the pain, and learn from his sin. He knew one day he would see that baby again, but not in this life.

This is an important lesson. Even though something is extremely painful, there is time to get up and go forward. When God has the final say, we must accept His decision, worship Him, go on with this present life while learning from our past. Take the lesson and let go of the turmoil in your soul. Many times we will not understand God's ways, but we can trust His heart. When you are tempted to doubt His heart, look at the cross. Don't blame Him for the consequences of your sin or that of others. Let go and trust Him. Move on. The pain will lessen with time. His grace will see you through. He knows the pain in your heart like no one else. If you must place blame, place it on the sin that permeates this fallen world. It was never God's desire.

Consider: What a wonderful world we would be living in if sin had never entered it! If you are in Christ, that is where you are headed, a world without sin.