April 30

Joshua 22:7b-8 7b When Joshua sent them home, he blessed them, 8saying, "Return to your homes with your great wealth–with large herds of livestock, with silver, gold, bronze and iron, and a great quantity of clothing–and divide with your brothers the plunder from your enemies."

The tribes of Gad, Rueben, and half of Manasseh had done their duty. They stayed more than five extra years fighting alongside their brothers to secure a place for them. Because of their integrity in keeping their word they were rewarded with their portion of the spoils from the enemies. They were not going back empty handed.

Those that stayed behind to watch out for their territory and protect the women and children were to receive their share of the spoils of war. They hadn't risked their lives to capture in battle, but they did do the job assigned to them. I imagine the homes these men returned to were in much better shape because of those who stayed behind.

Not everyone is called to go out on the field and win the masses. We are all called to be witnesses. We are all called to be servants. Some are called to stay by the stuff and keep the home fires burning. Will they receive any less than those who risked their lives for the sake of the Gospel? Not if that was their calling. If they were obedient to God where they were, they will share in the spoils of war. They will receive their portion. It is not the role you fill but your faithfulness in doing what you are called to do. Remember, Christ says, "Well done good and FAITHFUL servant.

Consider: Do I recognize the victory belongs to all God's faithful servants?