4/10 Deuteronomy 32:31

31 For their rock is not as our Rock; our enemies are by themselves.

One of Moses final acts was to teach Israel a song. The song warned of a future time when they would forsake God and worship the idols of the land. They would face judgment and defeat by their enemies. The only reason they were able to take the land is because God was with them. That is the meaning of the line of the song we are looking at today. Their rock is not as our Rock. Their gods are nothing. They are not a solid place for them to stand. Israel had a solid place to stand, sure footing, in God the Creator who brought them out of Egypt.

The next chapter repeats the idea by saying there is no God like Him, eternal, a place to dwell, who carries us in His arms (Deuteronomy 33:27). The world relies on strength, weapons, finances, cunning, and other things that can be out-done by others. No matter how strong you are, someone may be stronger. No matter how cunning, someone may be more so. But there is none like our God. Their rock is not as our Rock.

In times of great difficulty in life, when hearts are broken, I often wonder where the world turns. How can anyone make sense of anything without faith in our Rock? How can anyone have hope to go on without Him? Truly their rock is not like our Rock, and that is why we must watch for those opportune moments to share Him with them.

Prayer: Thank You for being with me and holding me up in Your everlasting arms through the trials of life. Thank You for being my unshakable, solid Rock!