11/18 Hebrews 11:10

10 For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.

God called Abraham out of a city of culture and idolatry. He sent him to a far -off land as a herdsman. This land was what became known as the Promised Land. There were large cities in it, such as Sodom, but they were not what Abraham was seeking. He was offered the riches of Sodom, but that also was not what he was after. He saw the cities of the Philistines and Egypt, but these did not meet his criteria either.

As a sojourner in the land, he was seeking an eternal city. Sodom was destroyed. The powers of the world would destroy the cities of great cultures. Where was the city with real foundations that was designed and built by God? Where could he find an undefiled city that glorified God rather than man? Where could he settle without fear and know he was home?

The Bible closes with John the Beloved seeing a vision of a radiant city coming down from heaven. It is the bride of the Lamb, the people of God made holy. God's work in them is complete and they are like Jesus (Romans 8:29). John notes that these walls have foundations (Revelation 21:14). This city is where we can dwell safely. This is an eternal city, designed and built by God. To every person that knows the forgiveness found in the cross of Jesus, this is home.

Consider: Are you looking forward, like Abraham, to this city? Fellowship with the Lord and other believers here on earth is just a foretaste of our heavenly home.