11/8 Hebrews 1:14

14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

The first chapter of Hebrews shows us from Scripture that Jesus is superior to all angels. The angels who did not fall worship Jesus, the Son of God. The chapter closes with our verse for today, which explains that angels are ministering spirits. Their assigned task is to serve those who will inherit salvation. Jesus' name means "the salvation of God." The angels serve those who will inherit Jesus.

This tells us that there are angels assisting those whom God has chosen, those who by their free will and the grace given them will receive Jesus as the Lord of their lives. These angels usually serve in an unseen way. That is because they know all glory should go to the Lord. Man will readily worship a greater power, but angels are not to be worshiped (Revelation 19:10). They point us to Jesus, the One who is worthy of praise..

Many believers can testify of strange incidences in their lives when the only explanation for what took place was angelic assistance. If Satan is out to destroy the saints, then we certainly need divine intervention at times (John 10:10). While we do not need to focus on angels and their assistance, we should thank the Lord for His faithfulness to protect us from evil by whatever means He chooses. It only took one of them to destroy 185,000 warriors of the Assyrian army, saving the city of Jerusalem and the ancestors of Jesus (2 Kings 19:35). One angel can certainly be used of God to aid us in any situation if God should so direct.

Consider: Why should we fear any circumstance when we know these servants of God are on duty?