9/28 Philippians 4:19

19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Some popular preachers use this verse to say that we will never have difficult times for lack of something. Only a few verses earlier Paul declared that he had learned the secret of being content in facing hunger or plenty, abundance or need. During his time of need in one city, the Philippian believers sent him gifts to support him in his ministry, but he was often penniless.

It seems Paul was saying that because they supplied him in his time of need, they would reap what they had sown. God would provide for them in their time of need. That means there would come a time when they would be short of a necessity. However, they could count on God seeing them through and for providing that need at the perfect time.

That gives a different take on how we should understand this verse. First, we will all have times of need. Those times test our faith and help us learn to trust God. Secondly, there is a condition here of helping others. If we have been generous to others, then when we are in a time of need, we can know that God will eventually provide for us.

Consider: Our greatest need is already met. Jesus has provided forgiveness of our sins. The second greatest need has been met, too. We have His Holy Spirit to direct and teach us every day.