9/25 Philippians 3:15

15 Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you.

Apostle Paul was referring to the realization that we have a long ways to go to get to our goal of Christlikeness. He told the Philippians that he didn't dwell on the past but looked to the future the Lord had in store for him. He was straining toward the finish line. Then he added the words for today.

What was Paul addressing? There were two main issues he raised. One was the habit of looking back. Someone has said the idea in a different way, "Looking back is about would of, could of, should of . . ." The past is past. We take the lessons forward, but to dwell on the past keeps us from the task at hand. The best way to deal with yesterday is to ask what God would have you do today. What God did yesterday may not be His plan for you today. Don't limit God.

The other issue Paul raised was the fallacy of thinking we have reached spiritual maturity. Pride can keep us from realizing how much more we need to grow. It can stunt our spiritual growth and get our eyes off the goal. If someone tells you the work in them is complete, ask if you may get their spouse's opinion on that.

Paul concludes the thought by telling us that if we don't agree, if we think we have arrived or we think looking back is beneficial, God will show us we are wrong. He doesn't see the need to argue the point. He knows God can convince us. That is a good attitude to have toward believers who don't accept sound teaching. God will reveal the truth to them.

Consider: The Holy Spirit is the One who convinces believers who will not listen to sound teaching. If someone won't receive the Word, let the Holy Spirit convince them through experiencing how false teaching is denied by Scripture and real-life situations.