9/16 Ephesians 6:8

8 . . . knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether he is a bondservant or is free.

With these words Paul was exhorting slaves to serve their masters as if they were serving the Lord. Our verse tells us why. God is good. When we do good things for others, God will reward us. We reap what we sow. It doesn't matter if we are free persons or slaves; it is still true.

Some people suggest the Bible is not opposed to slavery. During the American Civil War to free slaves, both sides quoted Scripture to back their reason for fighting. The apostle Paul taught that a slave should take any chance to be free, but if it was not given, then they should serve with their whole heart as if serving the Lord (1 Corinthians 7:21). Satisfaction and fulfillment are not found in our status or job, but rather they are found in our relationship with our Creator.

There is a greater issue in our lives than our employment. Every arena in life needs someone to show how that job or position should be served in a godly way. Other than doing morally compromising or substandard work, a person employed in any arena of life should show through his work performance the joy and contentment he has found in Christ. We are to be a light in the darkness of this world in whatever field of employment we find ourselves (Matthew 5:16).

Consider: Are you shining where God has placed you? If not, what needs to change so that you can be a godly example?