9/8 Ephesians 4:19

19 They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.

Paul is urging the Ephesian believers to live differently than the pagan world around them. We are to guard our thought life. We should stay sensitive to conviction. All people have a God-given conscience, but believers also have the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Just as a person's hand becomes calloused when he or she uses it to do certain kinds of work, so our hearts can become calloused to the pleading of the Spirit.

Those who remain in the pagan world become so callous that they end up as slaves of sensuality and impurity. Sensuality occupies their thoughts and actions to the point that they can never get enough. While thinking they are free and being fulfilled, they have become willing slaves of sin, running headlong to their own destruction.

Paul is warning Christians not to let this happen to them. Don't compromise in the slightest way lest you become spiritually callous. Recognize the lie of Satan who promises more than he can deliver and makes you pay more than you ever imagined. Much of the entertainment world and the Internet promote his lies. Don't watch his propaganda. Instead, feed on the pure Word of God so that you can grow spiritually strong.

Consider: Has some form of compromise slipped into your life? Do you recognize the danger of allowing it to continue?