7/2 Romans 12:10

10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

The first fruit of the Spirit of God in our life is agape love (Galatians 5:22). That is a love that is like God's love for us. It is unconditional and values the one that is loved. In our verse for today, Paul uses two different words for love, philadelphia and storge. These two words speak of a fond, familial love like that between siblings and parents' love for their children.

The church is not a club. It's a family. The difference in how we view those we worship with will certainly set the atmosphere in our worship services and our time together. A club looks skeptically on guests who attend. The members may enjoy their time together, but their club is merely an enjoyable option to their lives. There is no need to value all the members.

A church family, on the other hand, welcomes guests as a part of the family they are meeting for the first time. Everyone who attends is part of the family, whether they are likeable or not. We are born, or in this case born again, with a family. We find ways to get along and appreciate what each member brings. Even more than a natural family, we love one another. That's because we know that they are loved of God and that they love the same Lord we love. And we honor one another because each member has the Spirit of God living in them. Each one has a gift that the church needs.

Consider: Imagine how encouraged your church would be if each person outdid one another in showing honor. Let it start with you.