6/10 Romans 1:32

32 Though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.

God gave us all a conscience. We can abuse it or stifle it, but it still tells us that there is right and wrong. Our education systems try to reprogram it. At times, personal pain is our excuse to try to justify ignoring it. Most often it is our passions that try to silence it. A friend of mine was working with a young New Age woman who insisted all life had equal value, whether a dog or a human. He asked what she would do if she saw a puppy and a baby thrown into the Grand Canyon and was only able to save one, which would it be? She hesitated for some time. Finally she said, "I'm sad to say it would be the puppy." Why was she sad to say it if she really believed what she said? That is just one extreme example, but the stifling of conscience happens continually throughout the globe. We ignore the warning system God placed in us because of our ideology or our pursuit of pleasure.

Once we have chosen to ignore our God-given conscience, we then must justify our actions. It's as if we are trying to convince ourselves that there are no consequences. We are taught that conscience is a holdover from man's stifling religions and we should ignore it and self-actualize. That is psychobabble for giving in to our lusts. Of course the proponents of such nonsense add, "As long as it does not harm others." They ignore the overwhelming evidence that giving in to our passions always harms us and others. Part of the justification process is to praise others who practice the same type of enslavement. They are called "enlightened" because they yield to the same passions.

The only escape from this destructive cycle is life in the Spirit. We must experience a daily renewing of our minds to conform them to the mind of Christ (Romans 12:2). It begins with acknowledging that we do deserve hell for our rebellion against our Creator. If we won't face that fact, we will never repent and accept the life from above. We can convince people to give up one addiction for another, but only spiritual rebirth can put us on a path that leads to Christlikeness (Romans 8:29).

Consider: People are seeking satisfaction of the soul. The fallen soul will never be satisfied. It always demands more. A redeemed soul that has found satisfaction in Christ is a powerful witness.