5/30 Acts 19:20

20 So the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily.

God had given Paul such an anointing while he was in Ephesus that the city revered the name of Jesus. Diseases were healed and demons were cast out. Many of the converts put their books about magical arts in a pile and burned them. Unlike his experiences in many of the previous cities where he had shared the gospel, Paul's time in Ephesus enabled him to build up the church and the testimony of Jesus.

Our verse for today summarizes the results. What does missionary success look like? "The word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily"! More and more people heard the word of the Lord, and it prevailed in their hearts and minds in a mighty way. The signs and wonders God did through Paul were all for the purpose of opening the ears of the Ephesians to hear and consider the Word of the Lord.

In our witness today, we need to exalt and refer to the Bible. It is the power of God's Word that transforms hearts and minds. It also strengthens us spiritually. If the devotional verse you read in this book each day is all the Word that you read, you will be spiritually malnourished. Let the Word of the Lord increase in you and prevail over your heart and mind. When that happens in the lives of a large number of people, there is revival.

Consider: Contemplate the power of the Word of the Lord. It never returns void. It accomplishes the purpose for which God sent it (Isaiah 55:11). It is the means of all created things (2 Peter 3:5).