February 18

Exodus 29:37 37For seven days make atonement for the altar and consecrate it. Then the altar will be most holy, and whatever touches it will be holy.

There is a principle here that Jesus referred to in the New Testament. Some things were dedicated to God in such a way that they could not be defiled from without. If someone brought an offering and placed it on the altar, and they later found the offering was defiled, there was no need to purify the altar a second time. The altar made the gift holy.

We see that principle displayed in the life of Jesus. Whatever He touched or touched Him became whole. If a leper or person with a bleeding tumor touched someone, the person they touched would need to go through a cleansing ritual. Not so with Jesus. Instead of defiling Him the one who touched Him was healed, whole. The Most Holy object purifies the defiled one.

Jesus is our altar. He is the One upon Whom we cast our lives. We place ourselves upon Him on the cross, but instead of defiling Him, we are raised with Him, whole, cleansed, and holy. The altar has sanctified the gift, for it is Most Holy. It doesn't matter how defiled you are, if you present your body a living sacrifice upon the altar of Jesus upon the cross, you will be made holy. His holiness is more powerful than any defilement or impurity because of His blood shed in your place. Have you placed yourself upon the Most Holy Altar?

Once you have, then you are to go out into the world transformed (Romans 12:1,2) to bring that transforming touch of Jesus to all who come into your life. The holiness imparted to you will transform you, so that you are not conformed to the world around you. (Be sure and read the confirmation in the February 19th morning devotion)

Meditation: Nothing is too defiled for the transforming touch of Jesus.