4/21 John 12:7

7 Jesus said, "Leave her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of my burial."

Mary had seen Jesus call Lazarus back from the dead. She had sat at His feet and heard Him teach. She knew in her heart that He was the Messiah, so she took nard, a spice used to anoint a king, and anointed His feet with it. She used her hair to wipe the excess off. It was an extravagant act of worship! Though she may have had it on hand to cover the smell of decay so that she could visit her brother's tomb, it was no longer needed for that purpose. Jesus had changed everything, even the meaning of death.

Judas was upset because the nard was worth a year's wages. He rebuked her for what He saw was a waste. He suggested it could have been sold to help the poor. His clever speech hid the fact that he was only interested in pilfering what he could get for himself.

Jesus told Judas to leave her alone. It was for the day of His burial. The words "my burial" may have come as a shock to Mary. I wonder if she recalled Jesus telling her He is the Life (John 11:25). The women did follow through and brought prepared spices on the morning that Jesus rose from the dead (Luke 24:1). Was Jesus leading them to a surprise meeting? The truth of Him being "the Resurrection and the Life" was about to be made abundantly clear to them.

Consider: Sometimes we are like Mary, doing something we don't fully understand but knowing we are led to do it. The results may be confusing at first, but in God's time all things will become clear.